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Comprehensive Design Plan

A DIY Plan to Guide Your Renovation

You have the vision, the will, and desire to make a change. You’re only missing one key ingredient: time. And a precisely plotted out plan. So, two key ingredients.

Okay, also expert knowledge on pet-friendly decor, sectional sofa configurations, the difference between a gravity-feed toilet and one that’s pressure-assisted, and the plethora of other items that only seem to grow the more online rabbit holes you dig into.

You are ready for the Comprehensive Design package— a DIY plan that comes with everything you need for a fully baked home renovation or design project.

Comprehensive Design Plan

How it Works:

  • We’ll enjoy a 90-minute consultation at your home to thoroughly articulate your style, design goals, budget, and timeline
  • I’ll return to share a master plan perfectly tailored to your needs, including:
    • A floor plan for placing your new (or old!) favorite furnishings
    • Selections for rugs and flooring, accessories, lighting, artwork, or whatever we dream up during our consultation
    • A custom shopping list of local and online retailers that includes product descriptions, URLs, and pricing
    • Ideas for a gorgeous array of paints and finishes
    • My thoughts on the best path to guide you to your ideal outcome

I’ll even be (virtually) at your side for a full 30 days of unlimited email support in case you hit any snags (and because I can’t wait to see how it turns out!)

Projects start at $1,875, depending on the scope

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