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Handpicked Colors & Finishes

Let’s Create Your Perfect Palette

Have you been peering into the void of your blank canvas? Or attempting to describe the paint palette you want to the guy at Home Depot with nothing but feelings?

Avoid the vacant stares and bring me in.

Not only can a professional consultation interpret your aesthetic, it can also help avoid costly mistakes, increase resale value, and stop the 1,000-yard gaze of your contractor from becoming your only design eye.

Handpicked Colors & Finishes

How it Works:

  • After our first one-hour in-home creative session, I’ll deep dive into my extensive library of all things color, paint, tile, flooring, and anything else we’ve uncovered in our meeting. I’ll also keep my eye out for Earth-friendly materials and sustainable choices wherever they make sense within our plan.
  • We’ll schedule another one-hour conversation to review paint samples and to choose your colors, textures, and all other elements needed to create a look and feel you’ll love.
  • I’ll leave you with a comprehensive list of gorgeous colors and finishes— including eco-friendly paints, shopping recommendations, and more!

Projects start at $1,500, depending on the scope

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