How To Decorate A Mantel

How To Decorate A Mantel
April 3, 2019

Decorating a mantel is a great place to show your personality, decorate for the holidays or just showcase things you love! Here are easy tips for decorating (a.k.a. “styling”) your fireplace mantel.

The rules of styling a mantel are pretty simple. Actually, let’s refer to them as guidelines rather than rules. When you set out to decorate a mantel, do whatever is visually pleasing to you.

What To Include:

  • A large center focal point (a piece of art, a mirror, a large clock)
  • Something tall (sculpture, vase, candlesticks)
  • Something short (an interesting object, a small picture frame, a short stack of books)
  • Items with different textures (such as a glass vase with a metallic sculpture)
  • Something green or organic (a real or faux plant, floral arrangement, a vase of branches)

Mantel Decorations

How To Arrange:

These guidelines allow for a big range of different mantel items that can be layered for a stylish effect.

A few key things to consider when decorating any surface (a mantel, a coffee table, a desk, a bookshelf) are: visual balance, the “rule of threes” (odd numbers are more visually interesting), a variety of textures, color cohesiveness, and varying item heights.

The result of these artfully arranged items is a pleasing vignette that keeps the eye interested and moving about the space.

  • Example 1: a large piece of art, three brass candlesticks of varying heights, a small geode on top of a short stack of books, a family photo, and a glass vase of flowers. This arrangement provides visual balance, an odd-numbered grouping, texture, personality, and a natural element.
  • Example 2: an ornate mirror, a small painting leaning on the mantel, layered in front of the mirror, a ceramic vase of branches, a collection of seashells of various sizes, a small plant.

  • Example with a twist: break the guidelines a bit by showcasing a collection, such as milk glass or crystal candlesticks – be sure to vary heights and sizes!
  • Example with a twist: incorporate the guidelines but keep the overall scheme monochromatic.

Decorating A Mantel

Styling your mantel can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these tips and you’ll be a master mantel decorator in no time, displaying your treasures like a pro.

If you still feel stuck after trying these tips, let’s figure out your mantel together!

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