How To Decorate A Bookshelf:
Perfect Your Shelfie Game

How To Decorate A Bookshelf: <br>Perfect Your Shelfie Game
April 22, 2019

The Shelfie

One of the new buzzwords in the design world these days is shelfie, as in, a perfectly and artfully arranged bookshelf that is begging to be photographed. You’ve seen them in magazines and on TV, these supermodels of the shelving world are beautifully glamorous or whimsical—works of art by people who really know how to decorate a bookshelf.

The items include not just books, but gorgeous bits of art and floral arrangements. When you look at your homely shelf bulging at the seams with mass market paperbacks, you may wonder where you went wrong and why your shelves look a bit sad.

Do not despair! Here are a few designer styling tips for how to decorate a bookshelf. The clouds will part and the Pinterest angels will sing with just a few simple guidelines for your own picture-perfect shelfie.

Bookshelf Designs

What to Include:

  • Remove dust jackets to enjoy each book’s natural binding and embossed lettering.
  • Include greenery to bring life to your shelves — think small terrariums, succulents, leafy plants…even fake plants count!
  • An interesting collection, such as geodes or carved figurines, place these objects sparingly throughout the shelves.
  • Think outside the box when it comes to bookends — any tall heavy item, such as a planter, sculpture, or beautiful rock can be used as a bookend.

Interior Design Book Shelf

Stylish Bookshelves

How to Arrange It:

  • Avoid the urge to fill each shelf with books from one end to the other — leave some negative space.
  • Not all books should be vertical — arrange a few horizontal stacks of books.
  • Use one or two of the short book stacks as miniature stages for an interesting objet d’art.
  • The back of the shelf is a great opportunity for a framed photo or quirky piece of art.
  • If you want make an even bigger impact, group the books by color for a rainbow array of book spines.

Bookshelf Decorations Interior Design

Last Thoughts:

If you’re a big reader and have tons of books, join the club! From here:

  • Hold on to the books you really love and consider passing along the ones you don’t.
  • Consider going digital with some of your reading material (Yay you for supporting the environment!)
  • Embrace your book addiction and group them by color or subject, but get more storage to provide negative space to “breathe.”

Very doable, right? You got this! And if not, let’s figure it out.

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