Decorating with Plants – It’s Good for the Soul

Decorating with Plants – It’s Good for the Soul
June 24, 2019

Sometimes during a client consultation I feel like a bit of a broken record.

Client: “Something’s missing, I just am not sure what.”

Me: “You need a plant.”


Client: “I don’t know what to do with this awkward corner.”

Me: “You need a plant.”


Client: “My bedroom feels blah.”

Me: “You need a plant.”


The moral of this story, my friends? YOU NEED A PLANT.

Or two or twenty; there is nothing quite like nature to provide some life and interest to a room. But maybe you don’t know how to decorate with plants, or maybe you’re grumbling at your screen right now, “Plants are fine for some people, but I have a black thumb.” I’m going to get you over those objections, starting in 3… 2… 1…

Various Succulents In Similar Hanging Pots By The Window

How to Decorate with Plants: Hang ‘em up

Getting jungly with it is all the rage these days and you can get a lot of bang for your plant buck by taking advantage of the empty space in front of a window or in a corner by hanging plants. Macrame plant hangers, geometric air plant holders, and glass terrariums are all super stylish ways of displaying your plants at eye level and saving precious real estate on top of furniture or shelves.

Added bonus: pretty, drapey plants give special interest.

Saucepans Hanging Over Sink Against Potted Plants On Window Sill In Domestic Kitchen

How to Decorate with Plants: Line ‘em up

Window ledges are great for plants — and vice versa — because of the natural light boost it provides to your little green friends. And plants give an otherwise empty and boring window ledge some dimension and interest, and possibly even a touch of privacy.

This is a great opportunity to have a collection of pretty colorful pots and a variety of plants, or maybe you’d like the uniformity of the same size and color of planter.

Screen Shot 2019 06 24 At 3.08.15 Pm

Live plants are not even required, consider a mismatched selection of glass vases, each with a single flower or tree cutting. It’s a minimal look with a maximal impact. (Is “maximal” a word? Asking for a friend.)

How to Decorate with Plants: Fake ‘em out

Believe it or not, that deep seated, physiological and psychological drive we have to be around nature can be accomplished with faux plants. You read that right, you get (essentially) the same feeling of being among nature with fake plants.

Screen Shot 2019 06 24 At 3.21.55 Pm

It’s important to note that you will not get the added benefit of the air purifying effects that real live plants provide, but this is the next best thing. This is great news for those with little to no natural light in their homes, those who may travel a lot, and those who have a tendency to under-water/over-water/never-water and otherwise can’t seem to manage to keep your little green friends alive.

Still can’t picture yourself with a plant in your life? How about some plant art? (read that first sentence again, it’s a pun. I amuse myself…) In the category of fake, maybe a beautiful photograph or painting can stand in for your plant needs, although the flat 2-D is really not quite where it’s at. This is only a strategy for the truly plant-impaired.

The moral of this story: (say it with me) You need a plant. Don’t know what kind or where to put it or how the heck it can make such a big difference in your space? I got you, boo. Let’s explore a Design Consultation where I can answer your plant and decor questions and help you make your home all it is meant to be. For you and your verdant little ones.

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